Historical Markers
of the
Lake Sunapee Region

Click the thumbnail images to see a larger picture, the text of the sign, and directions to find it (the text and directions were shamelessly lifted, for the most part, from the New Hampshire Historical Marker website). These images range in size from 15KB to 30KB; most are about 20KB.

6. Sarah Josepha Buell Hale

Newport, NH
16. Winston Churchill

Cornish, NH
21. Canaan Street
Canaan, NH
33. The Ridge
Orford, NH
40. Mason's Patent
Wilton, NH
41. First Roman Catholic Church
Claremont, NH
44. John Sargent Pillsbury

Sutton, NH
54. Potter Place
Andover, NH
57. Union Church
Claremont, NH
76. Salmon Portland Chase

Cornish, NH
81. Center Meeting House
Newbury, NH
106. Joel McGregor, Last Surviving Soldier of the Revolution
Newport, NH
134. The Cornish Colony
Cornish, NH
158. Cornish-Windsor Bridge
Cornish, NH

Stalking New Hampshire's Historical Markers

Revised January 28, 2002