158. Cornish-Windsor Bridge
located on NH12A, across the Connecticut
River from Windsor, VT in Cornish, NH

"Built in 1866 at a cost of $9,000., this is the longest wooden bridge in the United States and the longest two-span covered bridge in the world. The fourth bridge at this site, the 460-foot structure was built by Bela J. Fletcher (1811-1877) of Claremont and James F. Tasker (1826-1903) of Cornish, using a lattice truss patented by architect Ithiel Town in 1820 and 1835. Built as a toll bridge by a private corporation, the span was purchased by the State of New Hampshire in 1936 and made toll-free in 1943."

erected 1989

The Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge was listed on the National Register in 1976.

The Cornish-Windsor Bridge over the Connecticut River

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