124. Amoskeag Mills
located on the east side of the Merrimack River, south of the Amoskeag Bridge, in the southwest corner of the Manchester Armory parking lot, at the intersection of Canal and West Penacook Streets, Manchester, NH

"Samuel Blodgett began a canal to bypass the steep falls in 1793, with money provided by a lottery. The canal was finished in 1807. Mills then sprang up on both sides of the river below the falls. The world renowned Amoskeag Manufacturing Company flourished here for a century, operating 64 mills, covering a mile and a half of ground, housing 700,000 spindles and 23,000 looms which turned out 500,000 yards of cloth each week."

erected 1971

In 1982 the National Register listed five Amoskeag Manufacturing Company Housing Districts. Four are located south of the marker, between the large mill buildings and Elm Street (US 3). The fifth of these National Register districts is located on the west side of the Merrimack River, on McGregor Street, across from the Coolidge Mill.

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