New Hampshire Historic Marker Index
This is a listing of all New Hampshire Historical Markers appearing on this site.

1. Republic of Indian Stream Pittsburg, NH
3. Birthplace of Horace Greeley Amherst, NH
4. William & Mary Raids New Castle, NH
5. George A. Wentworth (1835-1906) Wakefield, NH
6. Sarah Josepha Buell Hale (1788-1878) Newport, NH
7. Dudley Leavitt (1772-1851) Center Harbor, NH
8. Site of Piscataqua Bridge Durham, NH
9. Stone Iron Furnace Franconia, NH
10. First Textile Mill New Ipswich, NH
12. Temple Glass Factory Sharon, NH
13. Hannah Davis -- Amos Fortune Jaffrey, NH
16. Winston Churchill Cornish, NH
18. Isles of Shoals Rye, NH
20. Captain Lovewell's War Ossipee, NH
21. Canaan Street Canaan, NH
22. Denman Thompson (1833-1911) Swanzey, NH
23. Soapstone Francestown, NH
24. Lafayette's Tour Northwood, NH
25. Major John Simpson Deerfield, NH
26. The Old Meeting House Sandown, NH
28. First Public School Hampton, NH
30. The Crawford Family Carroll, NH
31. The Chocorua Legend Tamworth, NH
32. Revolutionary Capital Exeter, NH
33. The Ridge Orfort, NH
35. Uncle Sam's House Mason, NH
36. Andrew Jackson's Visit Bow, NH
37. George Washington's Visit Hampton Falls, NH
39. Samuel Livermore (1732-1803) Holderness, NH
40. Mason's Patent Wilmot, NH
41. First Roman Catholic Church Claremont, NH
43. Levi Woodbury (1798-1851) Francestown, NH
44. John Sargent Pillsbury (1828-1901) Sutton, NH
45. Mount Washington Cog Railway Chandler's Purchase, NH
46. Josiah Bartlett (1729-1795) Kingston, NH
47. Metallak Stewartstown, NH
48. General John Stark 1728-1822 Derry, NH
50. Oyster River Massacre Durham, NH
53. Wentworth Estate Wolfeboro, NH
54. Potter Place Andover, NH
55. Baker River Rumney, NH
56. Rodgers Rangers Haverhill, NH
57. Union Church Claremont, NH
58. Scotch-Irish Settlement Derry, NH
59. Hosea Ballou (1771-1852) Richmond, NH
62. Breakfast Hill North Hampton, NH
63. Atlantic Cable Station and Sunken Forest Rye, NH
66. State Capitol Concord, NH
68. Toll House and Toll Gate Sharon, NH
70. Old Coal Kiln Lisbon, NH
71. Kilburn Brothers Stereoscopic View Factory Littleton, NH
72. Mystery Hill Salem, NH
73. First Ski School Sugar Hill, NH
75. Portsmouth Plains Portsmouth, NH
76. Salmon Portland Chase Cornish, NH
78. Odiorne's Point Rye, NH
79. Matthew Thornton (1714-1803) Merrimack, NH
80. Franklin Pierce (1804-1869) Concord, NH
81. Center Meeting House Newbury, NH
83. First Normal School in New Hampshire Effingham, NH
84. Wilder-Holton House Lancaster, NH
85. Nottingham -- Chartered 1722 Raymond, NH
87. Crawford House Carroll, NH
88. Charles Cogswell Doe (1830-1896) Rollinsford, NH
89. Major General John Sullivan (1740-1795) Durham, NH
90. First Summer Playhouse Tamworth, NH
91. Birthplace of Daniel Webster Franklin, NH
92. Hilton's Point Dover, NH
97. Exeter Town House Exeter, NH
98. Henry Wilson
       Vice President of the United States
Farmington, NH
99. Brigadier-General James Reed (1722-1807) Fitzwilliam, NH
100. George Hoyt Whipple Ashland, NH
101. Site of Wilder's Chair Factory New Ipswich, NH
103. Shapley Line Seabrook, NH
104. Ebenezer MacKintosh (1737-1816) Haverhill, NH
105. Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) Concord, NH
106. Joel McGregor --
        Last Surviving Soldier of the Revolution
Newport, NH
109. Lady Blanche House Bartlett, NH
110. Ratification of the Federal Constitution Concord, NH
112. Hinsdale's Auto Pioneer Hinsdale, NH
113. Weeks House Greenland, NH
114. North Cemetery Portsmouth, NH
115. 45th Parallel Clarksville, NH
116. College Road Wolfeboro, NH
120. Bound Rock Hampton, NH
121. Bath, New Hampshire Bath, NH
122. Mount Washington Hotel Carroll, NH
122. Bretton Woods Monetary Conference Carroll, NH
123. The Governor's Road Wakefield, NH
124. Amoskeag Mills Manchester, NH
125. The Pierce Manse Concord, NH
126. Robert Frost 1874-1963 Derry, NH
127. John Langdon (1741-1819) Portsmouth, NH
128. The Concord Coach Concord, NH
129. Indian Mortar Lot Franklin, NH
130. Town Meeting House Greenfield, NH
132. New Hampshire Canal System Hooksett, NH
133. Captain Josiah Crosby (1730-1793)
        Lieutenant Thompson Maxwell (1742-1832)
Milford, NH
134. The Cornish Colony Cornish, NH
136. The Bedell Bridge Haverhill, NH
137. Barrett House New Ipswich, NH
138. Second Rindge Meetinghouse Rindge, NH
139. Chester Village Cemetery Chester, NH
141. Sam Walter Foss Candia, NH
142. Mast Tree Riot of 1734 Fremont, NH
144. First Church and Meetinghouse Pembroke, NH
145. Deerfield Parade Deerfield, NH
146. Home of the Molly Stark Cannon New Boston, NH
147. White Park Concord, NH
148. Sunset Baseball Concord, NH
154. Packer's Falls Durham, NH
156. John Brown Family - Gunsmiths Fremont, NH
157. Spaulding & Frost Cooperage Fremont, NH
158. Cornish-Windsor Bridge Cornish, NH
159. Boom Piers Berlin, NH
160. Haverhill Corner Historic District Haverhill, NH
166. Londonderry Town Pound Londonderry, NH
167. Meeting House and Hearse House Fremont, NH
170. Civil War Riot of 1861 Fremont, NH
171. Dixville Notch Dixville, NH
175. New Hampshire Presidential Primary Concord, NH
Andrew C. Robertson Memorial Bridge Thornton, NH

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