Markers of Cambridge,

Harvard Square

The markers on this page are found in and around Harvard Square (except for those at the southeastern end of Brattle Street, which are in the Brattle Street listing).

Click the thumbnail images below to see a larger picture, the text of the sign, and directions to find it. These images range in size from 17KB to 33KB; most are less than 25KB.

Blue Anchor Tavern
9-15 J.F. Kennedy Street
Revolutionary Barracks
Cambridge Common along
Waterhouse Street
James Family
20 Quincy Street
Louis and Elizabeth Agassiz
36 Quincy Street
Mount Auburn Street
at Winthrop Square Park
Melusina Fay Peirce
10 Arrow Street
Prof. John Winthrop
93 Mount Auburn Street
Simon and Anne Bradstreet
1380 Massachusetts Avenue
Treadwell-Sparks House
21 Kirkland Street
Waterhouse House
Waterhouse Street
Winslow Homer
8 Garden Street
Harvard Branch Railroad
Cambridge Street
near Littauer Hall
Old Burying Ground
Massachusetts Avenue
at Garden Street
Revolutionary Soldiers
Massachusetts Avenue
at Garden Street
Old Courthouse
1400 Massachusetts Avenue
Old Milestone
Massachusetts Avenue
at Garden Street

Missing Markers of Harvard Square

Historical Markers of Cambridge, Massachusetts
         East Cambridge
         Cambridgeport & Mid-Cambridge
         Brattle Street
         West Cambridge

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