Cambridge, Massachusetts

In 1976, the Cambridge Historical Commission started hanging the blue oval historical markers throughout the city. Nearly one hundred markers have been erected, though many have since disappeared. The sites of the markers were chosen for historical (not architectural) significance, and their presence does not signify any official regulatory designation or protection of the marked property or structure.

Check the link below for a list of missing markers. If you have any information about the missing markers (or possess the actual markers), please contact the Cambridge Historical Commssion or me. I won't ask any questions beyond "when and where can I pick it up?" I will return all recovered markers to the Cambridge Historical Commission.

If you know of a site, person, or event that should be commemorated with a marker, please contact the Cambridge Historical Commission and me (so that I can bug them about it), and check out the "There oughta be a marker..." link, below.

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Missing Markers

There oughta be a marker...

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