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New Hampshire Historical Markers
Photographs and text of all of the New Hampshire Historical Markers we have run across, including a few not listed in the official state website. We call that a web exclusive, baby. Links to other sites with historical information about the people, place, and events commemorated on the markers

Index of New Hampshire Historical Markers
Index of New Hampshire Historical Markers by region
Index of New Hampshire Historical Markers by town

Cambridge, Massachusetts Historical Markers
Photographs and text of the blue oval historical markers from the People's Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts. This section is far from complete, and we beg your indulgence and patience with dead links and other rough edges as we finish.

Photographic Gallery
Some of my favorite photographs in a larger format.

Travel Photo Albums
Travel photos in a smaller format.

The Kenai Peninsula
†††††††Portage, Seward, Turnagain Arm, Whittier, the
†††††††Alaska Railroad's Anchorage-to-Seward line,
†††††††and Kenai Fjords National Park.
The Dalton Highway and Arctic Alaska
†††††††Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, and the Arctic Ocean,
†††††††as well as a two-day ride down the Dalton and
†††††††Elliot Highways to Fairbanks.

A small sample of Barcelona's Modernista architecture
Antiga Casa Figueras
†††††††Antoni Ros i GŁell's Antiga Casa Figueras on
†††††††La Rambla.
Mercat St. Josep
†††††††A vibrant, colorful food market, just off La Rambla
Sagrada Familia
†††††††Antoni Gaudi's vision continues to take shape.

Oh, Canada
Quebec City, the Maritimes, Newfoundland, and Labrador.

Southwest Ireland
Ardfert, the Isle of Innisfallen, and Ross Castle in Co. Kerry.

A city that has outlasted more than one empire.

Southern Scotland
Edinburgh, Linlithgow Palace, and Caerlaverock Castle.

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